E2E product development

V2 Technologies offers a full range of IT products and services for medium to large-sized businesses at different locations

Greenfield Development

Identify & Ideate

Synonymous our New Product Development. Begins with SCAMPER model of ideation. ubstituO, Combine Adapt Modify, Put. To-other-Use, Eliminate, Reverse, Reanange)

Research, Redefine, Remedy

Research, Thought Boarding, Product Validation, ee Competitor Analysis, Market Research (along with Core Gartner Quadrant)

Prepare, Plan, Prioritize

Sprint Planning, Cost Models for Resources, Development Development Methodologies, Tech Stack Finalization, Cloud Hosting Models, Shipping Cadence, Business Value Proposition of Features.

Design, Decide, Develop

Minimum Acceptable Product, Prototyping (where necescery), Prototype Testing Minimum Acceptnce Criteria, Governance models, Real Product Development Milestones and Roadmap.

Code, Correct, Continue...

Product Development& Ownership,User Stories,User Journeys,Documented Features,UAT,A/B Testing,Reales Notes and Usability Metrics,Customer Success Metrics,soft Launch Run Book,Hard Launch Run Book,Version Controls,Continuos Releases,Continuos Optimization,Marketing strategy,Pre-sales Solution and services,USPs,Value Preposition.

Brownfield Development

Digital Transformation

Transform New & Existing Products using Digital-first Customer Centric approach.

Smart,Connected Products with Self-Utilizing Digital Mediums.

Replace Legacy System and Infrastructure Using modern Tech Stacks changing the way products are consumed and Serviced.

Define TCO oriented roadmaps on hosting models and scaling services.

Solution Transformation

Solve Problems and shift mindset of Customers to value outcomes through a suite of products and services.

Integrate a portfolio of products to work seamlessly as a single Solution-AS-A-Service(SolaaS) model.

Enable Cross selling of Solutions to leverage additional products capabilities for customer usability.

Data Transformation

Increase use of data and analytics to enhance business footprint.

Analyze prduct data to understand customer activity,identify patterns,gain deep insight into Customer problems,desires and needs.

Constitute additional revenue streams using insights and analytics to enhance business extensibility.

Bluefield Development

Product Strategy

Expand Product vision,Collaboration,Communicate Value,Competitor,Positioning Analysis.

Marketing Strategy

Story Telling,Value Preposition,Internal Awareness,Digital Campaigns.

Distribution&Communication Strategy

Benchmark Competitor Approach,Product Fitment Channels,incentivize Channel Partners,Set KPIs.

Promotion Strategy

Premium Strategy,Initial Price offering,Price Skimming,Psychological Pricing,Bundled Pricing.Feedback Loop, Sampling.

Customer Experience Strategy

Usability Metrics,Continous Evolution Measurements,Performance&Services Scalability,High Availability and Support Ecosystem.

Whitefield Development

Security Improvement

Performance Enhancement

Cost Optimization Development

Integration Enablement

Product Release Management

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Code It!

  • Design & Development
  • Version Controls
  • Peer Contribution
  • RI Ind Annly4ic
  • Functional and Non-Functional Compliances
  • Stability, Security and Scolability Plans
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Acceptance Testing

  • User Story Acceptance
  • User Journey Acceptance
  • Peer Reviews
  • Panel Recommendations
  • Version Control Records
  • Continuous Testing
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InDep Window

  • Integration and Deployment Window
  • API M A Service Layer
  • Doto Models M A Service Layer
  • Microservices Deployment Pipeline
  • Cl/CD Pipeline
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Deployment Models
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  • Operation, Optimization and Orchestration of App services (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Scolobirrty and Serviceability of Clustered App and Infra Services
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M & M

  • Monitor and Measure Feature Metrics
  • Feedback Loop to Dev and Acceptance Panels
  • TCO Models for Cloud Hosting or Private Hosting
  • Business Forecasting and Continuous Development

Anything & Everything in Software Quality Assurance

Who are we

“An array of solution oriented technocrat with over 14 years of industry experience in Software Quality Assurance”

We believe, since every organization and its projects are different, there needs to be a unique approach in achieving the utmost quality deliverable in the shortest period possible, along with process adherence which act as a catalyst.

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