Frameworks and Technologies
  • Automated Server side Development  with our ‘our of box’ framework  where developers only focus on business needs.
  • Spring-JPA/JDO based framework with compatibility with all major RDBMS and Document NOSQL Stores
  • Automated UI Development (In Progress)
  • Spring Transactions and power of AOP
  • JPA vs JDO
  • NoSQL – What ,Why and Which One
  • Open Source BPM
  • Open Source DMS and Apache Chemistry
  • Web Services
  • JBPM
  • Apache Camel and ESB’s
  • Legacy Code Migration
  • Migrating Apps To/From JBOSS\Websphere\Weblogic in Clustered Environment
  • Migrating EAR Apps to Tomcats
Design Complex System
  • Build Graph based Systems
  • Externalizing Custom Fields for products and making it product/domain independent
  • Optimizing CPU capacities – Making Sure your CPU resources are consumed by components who deserves most
  • Using light weight web containers for Enterprise Applications – Getting rid of Weblogic and Websphere
  • Build Cluster Aware Applications having mutiple data storage types (SQL, as well as NoSQL)


Product Engineering

Architectural Decision making

  1. Know when to use NoSql vs SQL solutions
  2. No need to invest in costly Application Servers

a) Use Tomcat or JBoss

b) Use Spring to inject infrastructure dependancies as JNDI, Transaction Managers, Security and lot more (Application Server are used because they give the above infrastructure features out of box)

c)Use Open Source

Separate Concerns

UI/Business Tier/Mobile UI dev should be separate

  • That way its very easy to get a new guy up to speed for new development/maintenance and there by increase productivity
  • Overall Productivity increases
  • Comparatively easy to maintain a modular approach
Streamlining Development and Build Processes
  • Using Maven\Gradle\Ivy
  • Modular Library/Component based approach
  • Integration with CI – Jenkins
  • Writing Functional and Load Test Cases
  • Open Source Load Tool’s and Frameworks
  • Automate Testing  – Components\REST and Web Services\UI
  • JIRA\xWiki\Alfresco for Defects\Documents\Content Management (integrated with development processes)
Performance Management
  • Setting up  infrastructures for Performance monitoring
  • Write performance test cases for server side
  • Use Apache JMeter to simulate load


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