For Working Programmers who want to climb the hierarchy and get a chance to design products We will help you to become a System Designer who is –

 In Training Objective
  • Professional who has the Ability -To analyse abstract requirements, Model them and translate into Technical Specifications that result into Minimal Code and Reusable Components. Someone who can solicit requirements metadata (Non-functional requirementse.g. -Performance Expectation) and consider them while writing Technical Specifications. Someone who is always inquisitive and prepare to see ‘n’ years down the line in terms of how the software should behave then.
  • Professional who can write components
    • That hasa sharp focus (single responsibility)
    • That can be easily extended
    • That is weakly coupled with other components
    • That is highly manageable and understandable
  • Professional that understands the business problem statementpretty well
  • Professional that writes code that won’t change despite fluctuating business requirements for a given problem (Example -consider you are writing an invoicing component that generates invoices based on changing discounting rules)
  • Professional that understands legacy code is not always disposable and as such may extend legacy programs for the purpose of either adding extra business value or scale up to increasing user base
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