For Working Programmers who want to get a cutting edge OR Doesn’t matter if you are a green horn new to the world of Programming but do have a spark. If any of above then we will help you become a better Programmer and that in our definition is –

 In Training Objective
  • Professional who is Proficient in -Core Concepts, Data Structures, Web Concepts, Applicability of Design Patterns, and Ability to relate to Client and Server side frameworks (despite not having worked with them). Someone who has the ability to separate abstraction from implementation.?
  • Professional who has the Ability -To analyse abstract requirements, Model them and translate into Technical Specifications that result into Minimal Code and Reusable Components. Someone who can solicit requirements metadata (Non-functional requirementse.g. -Performance Expectation) and consider them while writing Technical Specifications. Someone who is always inquisitive and prepare to see ‘n’ years down the line in terms of how the software should behave then.
  • Professional who can Write Object Oriented and Re-usable Code in a timely manner, achieve much more with very ‘Less’ lines of code, have excellent Exception Handling, Externalization, Configuration (JVM and so) and respects the Non-functional requirements as prioritized in the ‘Analysis’ mode.
  • Professional who will have a Sound Developer Ethic -Write ‘good’ test cases with >98% test coverage, have no ‘Critical’ defects, Write Load Test Cases, Write Articulate Code and Usage Documentation, have an ability of thinking of do-ability before Committing Estimates and should always be keen to help improve the Development Processes for the overall well-being of the Project.
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