Mobidi by V2 Technologies is a Filed Team Management platform. Data captured by mobile teams are processed on office and served as reports, dashboards, analytics and insights.


Time spent on the field is costly and precious. MOBIDI shortens the spent time, reduces duplicate and incomplete work, brings field and office teams together, and helps you to manage far teams. MOBIDI is your eye on the field.

Sectors like FMCG, Construction, Energy, Oil&Gas, Securıty, Municipalities, Government Organizations, Utility departments, Facility Management can effectively use MOBIDI in Maintenance, Routine Checks, Asset Management, Sales and Marketing activities,  Public Surveys, Sub Contractor Management, Security Patrol, and more.

Single Solution for Various Needs

MOBIDI is suitable for many needs. MOBIDI is a low code platform that means you can customize it according to your needs w/o any coding. Easy to use user interface allows you to define new forms, new reports, dashboard, and integrations. This means that once you have MOBIDI, it meets changing and new requirements w/o our involvement.

Works on any Environment

MOBIDI Mobile can work in offline environments without having internet connection. You can use MOBIDI on far construction sites, on tunnels, or basements that network access may be limited. Your team can keep on taking records without any interruption.

Works on Any Device

MOBIDI works on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and derivatives. If you prefer BYOD(Bring Your Device) mobile teams can use their smartphones. BYOD simplifies management and saves from your investment and it is also preferable for many employees

Reports & Insights

MOBIDI has powerful reporting and analytical features. The data is processed served to you as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reports. The analytics gives you insights about the hidden problems of sites, teams, and activities.

You can solve these problems by getting multidimensional reports like the location, timing, and frequency of similar technical defects or operation defaults.

Team Management

MOBIDI allows you to reach the closest team, assign and follow tasks. The progress may continue with different mobile and office users. Processes may start on the field or in office both parties can exchange information and get better outcomes. It is possible to manage different teams of different departments with the same platform.

Feeds CRM & ERP Systems

MOBIDI may feed your CRM or ERP systems. Data captured by field teams directly goes into the CRM, ERP, or any other systems. So you both utilize MOBIDI reports & analytics and the other system features.

You can follow up on your sales and marketing field activities in your current CRM or monitor your field assets with your existing ERP.

Archive Integration

Mobile teams may need to capture contracts or receipts that need to go into the archive. MOBIDI allows you to capture the paper and sent it to the archive which has OCR and many other features there to process those data automatically.

‍Need to Check Market Shelves

If you need to check and count the products on market shelves. This is also possible with MOBIDI and integration.

This feature is useful for sectors like FMCG, Construction and Security Patrol.

V2 Technologies Integrations

V2 Technologies is an integrations platform for thousands of application including MOBIDI. This means captured data and save it on google docs, publish in social media, or send e-mail and other limitless possible scenarios


MOBIDI is licensed per MOBILE user. On-Premise and yearly leasing is possible. The server software is installed in your IT environment. The integrations and some features may require additional license fees. Please ask for any needs.

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