Key Features

  • Use it As you want
  • Fully Customizable
  • Integrated and Comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Support functions
  • Integrated Insights
  • Online Lead Management
  • Contact Repository And Account/Organization Management Campaign Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • A wired view of various stages of Opportunity from Lead to Contact/Account to Quotation to Purchase Order to Invoice
  • Sales Executive Hierarchy Management
  • A Comprehensive, Customizable User dashboard
  • In built Document Management System
  • Deployed on SSD and powered by Search Technologies
  • Deployed on Public Cloud (Amazon)
  • Can be Deployed on Private Cloud/In Premises


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Consumption Model
Public Cloud – Managed by V2 Technologies
Private cloud – Managed by V2 Technologies
In-House Deployment – Managed and Enhanced by Clients

Key Concepts
Lead – Unqualified Contacts –  Raw details of company, person or business opportunity
Contact –  People that your company will have or already has an on-going relationship. Contacts may also be people belonging to Vendors or any third party entity
Account/Organization – Represents a company and it can comprise of several contacts. Can be a Customer or Vendor or Potential
Opportunity – Signals the kickoff of your company’s sales process with a potential or existing client.
Opportunity – There can be multiple opportunities related to a Account.
Campaign – Can represent any of Tele-Marketing, Conference, Web Conference, Partner Program, Trade Show, etc.
You can track Opportunities generated as a result of campaign and arrive at cost-benefit analysis for the viability of your campaign.

Lead can be converted into an Account/Organization or Contact
After Lead conversion, lead should not be visible in the leads panel. Though it  may exist in database with some flag  saying its converted to contact or Account
Opportunities can be associated with either 1 Contact (B2C) or 1 Account(B2B)

Opportunity Management
Opportunity Stages – Enquiry -> Quote – > Sales Order –>Invoice
Dashboard shows opportunities in various stages
Opportunity Management integrated with Document Management system – Documents as Quotes, sales order, invoice, brochures , memos, work in progress notes, etc are typically associated with opportunities

User Hierarchies
Manager can see aggregated Sales pipelines of Employees working with him
Leads, contacts, Opportunities can be assigned back and forth
Manual Assignment of Leads, Contacts & Opportunities possible
Configurable and Dynamic mapping of Roles with Screens

Supporting Multiple Currencies
Notification – Email/SMS for events as Lead/Contact/Account/Opportunity Assignment
Notification – Email/SMS to Customers/Managers of various interactions as document share.

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