E2E product development

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Greenfield Development

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Identify & Ideate

  • Synonymous our New Product Development
  • Begins with SCAMPER model of ideation
  • ubstituO
  • Combine Adapt Modify
  • Put. To-other-Use
  • Eliminate
  • Reverse
  • Reanange

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Research, Redefine, Remedy

  • Research
  • Thought Boarding
  • Product Validation
  • ee Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research (along with Core Gartner Quadrant)

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Prepare, Plan, Prioritize

  • Sprint Planning
  • Cost Models for Resources
  • Development Development Methodologies
  • Tech Stack Finalization
  • Cloud Hosting Models
  • Shipping Cadence
  • Business Value Proposition of Features.

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Design, Decide, Develop

  • Minimum Acceptable Product
  • Prototyping (where necescery)
  • Prototype Testing Minimum Acceptnce Criteria
  • Governance models
  • Real Product Development Milestones and Roadmap.

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Code, Correct, Continue...

  • Product Development & Ownership
  • User Stories
  • User Journeys
  • Documented Features
  • UAT
  • A/B Testing
  • soft Launch Run Book
  • Hard Launch Run Book
  • Version Controls
  • Continuos Releases
  • Continuos Optimization
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pre-sales Solution and services

Brownfield Development

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Digital Transformation

  • Transform New & Existing Products using Digital-first Customer Centric approach.
  • Smart,Connected Products with Self-Utilizing Digital Mediums.
  • Replace Legacy System and Infrastructure Using modern Tech Stacks changing the way products are consumed and Serviced.
  • Define TCO oriented roadmaps on hosting models and scaling services.

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Solution Transformation

  • Solve Problems and shift mindset of Customers to value outcomes through a suite of products and services.
  • Integrate a portfolio of products to work seamlessly as a single Solution-AS-A-Service(SolaaS) model.
  • Enable Cross selling of Solutions to leverage additional products capabilities for customer usability.

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Data Transformation

  • Increase use of data and analytics to enhance business footprint.
  • Analyze prduct data to understand customer activity,identify patterns,gain deep insight into Customer problems,desires and needs.
  • Constitute additional revenue streams using insights and analytics to enhance business extensibility.

Whitefield Development

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Security Improvement

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Performance Enhancement

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Cost Optimization Development

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Integration Enablement